Tuesday, August 22, 2006


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Faced

Starry Eyed liquid liner will give you more sparkle than Miss America's crown. Shine on baby! This liner contains teeny glitter particles that adds lots of drama to your peepers, trust me on this. I line my lashes with Lava Matte, then add a few dots of Starry Eyed for high impact and lots of dazzle.

The best part is that this product doesn't bother sensitive eyes. It stays put and will not run or drip. Starry Eyed will wash off easily too.

Label Whore eyeshadow is described as a metallic brown with blue iridescent. For this glamour girl, it's a swirly combination of sultry browns and mossy greens. People will look twice and wonder how you so successfully and beautifully combined these two colors while you bat your lashes like a true bombshell.

The consistancy is very light and powdery. I use a damp eyeliner brush to rim my lash line with this color, adding of course several layers of brown mascara.

Don't you hate caked, creased eyeshadow? Does it make you wipe your delicate lids with whatever is nearby? Panic no more, gorgeous girls. Too Faced has a solution with their base products, First Base - a shimmery foundation for color. Stroke it on with a finger then load up your lid with color.

Second Base
is matte with a soft, soothing consistancy that will erase any discolor around your eyes. If you stay up drinking martini's till dawn, pat Second Base on your lids and no one will ever know what you were up to!

These products contains no odor, are creamy, and come in a thin, handy compact.

Because you are a truly dazzling woman, you love glossy lips with a blinding shine! Nothing adds to self-confidence like a good product and one of my favorites is a juicy lipgloss. Fat Kiss boasts that it will add va-va-voom to your mouth with its ingredients of essential oils. A swipe across your lips will provide a pleasant tingle. I used Fat Daquiri which was a pale, almost clear, pink that gave shine to my naturally dark lips.

Fat Kiss has a pleasurable, almost cinnamon scent with no strong taste- yes I licked my lips while wearing it. My only problemo with this gloss was the roller ball got stuck and I had to pop it out and apply with a brush. Not a big deal! It will give you a high-shine and is not sticky or goopy. My lips looked very succulent if I say so myself.

A true beauty goddess loves her color. The Quickie Chronicles invites you to whip up a pinup- worthy face with different shades in one palette.

I have Fabulous Flirt featuring three eyeshadows (sparkly gray, frosty pink and a shimmery cream) a dusty pink blush and four shades of pink lipgloss. A brush for lips and an applicator is tucked inside the kit. What I like about this is that the eyeshadow and blush are not greasy, oily, or bright. I appreciate that.

Yes, I'm a gloss glutton. It's an addiction that I'm not willing to overcome. Diamond Gloss contains jojoba seed oil, violet extract and vitamin A to soften and enrich your lips and how can you turn that down?

The colors are light and sheer with tiny crystals adding depth to your mouth. The smell is coconut-ish, candy sweet. There is no taste or tingle to Diamond Gloss. It's not as thick in consistancy as Fat Kiss, I think this product is perfect for a casual day or to soften and add brilliance to a dark lipstick.

I didn't know a whole lot about Too Faced other than they make Lip Injection which is a remarkable product for bombshell lippage.

I skipped over to their site and perused the eyes, lips, face and kits pages and found a bunch of things I would love to put in my makeup case. Too Faced is a brand that is fun and flirty, heavy on the glamour. Along with that, Too Faced products are well made and do not irritate (my) sensitive skin. Check out the Foiled Makeup Bag, Liquifi-Eye Kit and the Flushed Blush- these have made their way onto my WishList.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Scarlet B. Designs

Betsey Johnson knows how to bring it on.
The buttons, the bow, the sleeves, sheer perfection!

I'm wearing these leggings with my roller skates and pig-tails today.

my favorite color for shirts and lip gloss. Pepto Pink

Betsey Johnson again. I want everything she creates.

My dear SSLove has started her own fashionista blog. She is one to watch, that girl. Eye on the trends, fingers on the pulse of all that happens in the world of fashion. Find her any day of the week sporting leggings and chunky sandals and a unique piece of jewelry with a funky purse slung across her chest, messenger style.

While SSLove is going to pursue her love fashion via Scarlet B. I'm going to be focusing on beauty-skin-hair-nails-body-perfume. Look for a new name and new look coming soon.

Be sure to check both blogs often. SSLove, lover of red buttons, and I will be guest -blogging on each others sites, cross pollination if you will.

We love our beautiful fashionista readers!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Classified Era Primer

Primer. How did I exist before? By wiping pressed powder all over my skin for a not- so -flattering chalky effect that’s how. But now companies are understanding that we need to prep our skin before foundation and mascara and eyeshadow. Fill in the pores, erase the wrinkles and smooth our skin. I like a flawless face, I don't want to see a single pore. Pores bother me. So does makeup sliding off my face before the day is through. I don't want to keep looking in store windows when I'm shopping or trying to see my reflection in a knife when I'm eating. I just want to know that my skin looks good and my makeup is still on.

If you are looking for an outstanding primer, then this is for you- Classified ERA Face primer. It is revolutionary.

Simply shake the aerosal can and spray on your face in a zig-zag pattern for a few seconds. Lightly dab your skin with a soft pad to set the product and absorb excess moisture. That’s all it takes to prime your skin for makeup application. My makeup lasted all day, the only touch up being on my lipgloss because I have a strange compulsion to apply it all day long.

This amazing primer was developed by makeup artist Yolanda Halston after years of research. She also developed an air brush foundation which I would like to get my little hands on. Who doesn’t want a flawless face? Classified products are used by almost every major celebrity in Hollywood as well as on the sets of television shows and movies and awards shows and events. Everyone is using it. Have you seen a celebrity with perfect skin? It's the ERA primer I bet.

For more information and to see a complete list of products, please go to the Classified website.

Fall Preview

Suggested perfume for fall: L'Occitane Green Tea with Mint. This is a sophisticated scent. With notes of bitter orange , spearmint, thyme and cedar. It's pure and fresh, the ideal fragrance for this fall's wool shorts and neutral colors with leather boots and oversized bags. Not overpowering, no alcoholish undertones as many perfumes can contain. It's neither masculine or feminine, simply a very pleasant scent.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Menswear prints are big this fall. I love some plaid, not like golfers pants or a lumberjack shirt but subtle and neutral. And I adore Diane Von F.

BCBG shorts. Flannel shorts, wool knickers, buy a pair for the chilly October weather. Is there a better time or place on earth than autumn in New York City? Too bad I'm in southern California.

On the model the shorts are cute and lovely and perfect, but on me, no. I would look like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

My favorite designer, Michael Kors. Wide belts. Voluminous skirt. Not the bubble skirt which I personally dislike because who wants to look like a mushroom butt? My badonkadonk is not going to be tucked into a bubble skirt this fall, I promise. I prefer Michael's verison. He always gets it right.

Again, Kors. Dresses are "in" for fall. Sure, I'm going to buy up a bunch. There's nothing like a savvy soccer mom in a dress.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

bodily improvements ...

a certain well- known doctor in the 90210 area...

Fat Girl Slim: please let this be a miracle cream...

not me, but I think it could be...

this IS me, wanting a set of Angelina-ish, puffier lips...

who needs a lip implant when we have the Too Faced Lip Injection Kit?

Recently I went to visit a very well known plastic surgeon. It was none other than Dr. 90210 himself, Dr. Rey. I accompanied a friend- a certain celebrity and I won't name names- to see the good doc for her consultation. Not that I didn't go in with a mental laundry list of all the things I wanted done. Where to start? We don't have all day so I will spare you the details of my own aesthetic shortcomings.

There is a four hour wait to see him, I'm not exaggerating. An 11 o'clock appointment turned into a 3 o'clock appointment. This is common we were told by a very buxom office girl who brought us paper cups of Coke while we waited.

He swooped in wearing a pinstriped suit like the guy in the Mentos commercial who rolls around on a freshly painted park bench and ends up with white stripes all over his black suit. Under the stripes he wore a vivid pink pin-striped shirt (more stripes) with a hot pink tie and coordinating hankerchief hanging out of his pocket. Dr. Rey is exactly like his persona on television, quite the friendly showman!

I enjoyed picking out my own set of breast implants as he chatted with my friend and showed us photos of befores and afters. I had no problem sticking the squishy bags down my shirt when he wasn't looking. Just for fun. Should I mention how he was admiring himself in the large mirror behind us?

Plastic surgery and tens of thousands of dollars aside, there are short- cuts to getting the results you want. Products you can use to fake it. Yeah, I fake it. It was Lucky beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June who mentioned using self tanner to disguise those awful lumps, the much hated cellulite. I've been faithfully using my Fat Girl Slim by Bliss to combat this horror. If only we woman could accept ourselves as we are...

I've tried Avon and L'Oreal cellulite reduction creams and unfortunately, no luck. I read that deep massage aids in getting rid of the lumpy pockets of fat. So I began voilently rubbing and kneading like I was in a dough making contest and my life depending on winning. Black and blue marks all over my thighs and butt ensued.

I'm giving the Bliss cream a shot, I think it's improving my upper legs. It's worth a try, right? Along with daily exercise of course.

And who needs a lip implant or a painful shot of collagen when you can simply use the lip plumping kit from Too Faced? Save yourself time and money and the possible side effect of a lopsided pucker and apply Lip Injection daily. I've been using the kit and you know what? It works. I love the tingling sensation and my lips are super soft and smooth. One kiss from me and you'll see what I mean.

Now, if only technology could come up with a cream, lotion or plumping kit for the chest...then we'd be in business.


Red lips never really go out of style. This fall expect to see more cherry lips as red lipstick is a must according to Elle magazine. Is there a perfect red out there, a color suitable to everyone? I fear instead of looking like Gwen Stefani (who is rumored to have given birth while wearing her signature crimson pout) I will end up looking like a Ringling Bros. clown.

I've yet to find the ideal shade but Lucy B. makes adorable pots of shiny glosses and their red is pretty outstanding.

Messy updos are the hairstyle of the season. I have trouble in the hairstyling arena. Instead of loose, sexy, bedhead curls, my coif appears to have been copied from Jon Bon Jovi circa the Slippery When Wet tour. Sadly, my locks confuse loose waves with kinky frizz. An updo is the perfect answer. I hate it when girls put their hair up and expose fifty haphazardly placed bobby pins. Messy indeed.

Heavy black smudged eyeliner. I have the perfect product for this effect: Too Faced Lava Matte. It's thick and soft and as black as the lava from the volcanic remains of Pompeii.

You dont have to actually do the drugs to get the heroin chic look. Kate Moss, I'm talking to you.

What mascara is she wearing? I want to know. Hopefully cosmetic companies will be jumping on the bandwagon and creating a wet looking, lengthening, volumizing mascara that makes your lashes look like the above photo. Spikey lashes are hot hot hot for fall. I've always loved the look of lots o' lashes and sit here wondering if its perfectly acceptable to wear some false lashes everyday to get this look. Why not?

all photos except Marilyn are from the Elle.com website

Monday, August 14, 2006


Desserted Island Creamy Body Buffer smells like the coconut syrup I used to put on my taro root pancakes when I lived in Hawaii. So washing with the Body Buffer puts me right back in Honolulu, sitting outside drinking my kona coffee, looking out over the blue waves of Waikiki.

This product contains little capsules of jojoba "sprinkles" that feel slightly rough on the skin. It's a good rough, you know you are sloughing off the end of the day and allowing yourself to relax and indulge in some sweet goodness. I love how sleek and soft my skin is after using this product.

On my wishlist: Satin Sugar Hair and Body Refreshing Powder, rumored to smell like lemon cookies. Scrumptious! Right now I'm really into having my hair smell delicious. I want this product and a few more...like the Desserted Island Body Glaze.

Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme
is the best hand lotion ever! I love it. Love it. It's sweet and it does what it says. It contains extract of marshmellows, really it does. So basically you are rubbing your hands with... candy. The shea butter and mango butter soothe your tired hands.

Milk Made Smoothing Hand & Cuticle Buffer will buff and polish your hands and fingers and if you like, your feet and toes. This sweet potion is sugary in texture with oils to soften your hands and fingers, especially those cuticle beds. You will feel a difference as soon as you start rubbing this product into your skin.

I once read that the typical woman will lick off five pounds of lipstick in one year. Well, if she wears Cake products, she will certainly want to lick her lips all day long. Cake Kiss Caramel Cream Lip Butter contains shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower to keep your pucker hydrated and drenched in nourishment.

Creme de la Cream Supremely Rich Body Mousse contains such delicious ingedients as coconut oil, mango butter and macadamia nut butter. Douse your washcloth/loofah with this and lose yourself in the scent of butterscotch cake. YUM.

Heather Reier slaved away, working her fingers to the bone in her kitchen for a long, long time before coming up with just the right blend of oils and butters and extracts to bring us these decadant products.

Cake Beauty has been baking up batches of lavish lotions and creams since 2001. This line of indulgent body care has been not only featured in magazines like People, US, Elle, Oxygen, Shape, and Self but has been snapped up by stars such as Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, Daryl Hannah and many more.

I'm just waiting for them to come out with a whole line of scented hair care products, butterscotch and coconut scented candles and nail polishes, as pink is their signature color. And I would be remiss if I didn't say that their customore service is fantastic.

For more information, go to Cake Beauty.

Stay Sweet, girls!


Zeno Acne Treatment device promises to get rid of your unsightly pimples quickly and discreetly. It looks like a cellphone but has the capability to erase your zits in seconds! Well, not actually seconds but it does work quickly. Its probably a better option than my remedy of choice which features lots of odd poses in the mirror and often results in a large swollen bump on my face.

Here is what their website claims:

The proprietary Zeno technology triggers a heat shock response in microorganisms that cause skin lesions, bringing about the self-destruction of those bacteria and allowing the skin to return to a healthy, normal state. In the case of acne, the P. acnes bacterium is the root cause of 90% of all acne pimples.
I've been gently dabbing Aveda Acne Spot Relief on random pimples that pop up, but would love to give Zeno a try. I know, it's crazy. Why must we still deal with pimples over age nineteen? The least we can do is undulge in a tool that will get rid of those spots in a few hours! Have you tried it? Let me know!

Friday, August 11, 2006


"Kérastase is premium, luxury hair care at its finest, and since 1964 L'Oréal Advanced Research has selected its most advanced technology for the Kérastase Collection. Kérastase products are unique, avant-garde formulas with innovative ingredients. Women aspire to Kérastase for the ultimate in hair care and the ultimate in beautiful hair."

I've long read about Kerastase, usually a celebrity of some sort waxing about how they simply cannot live without their Kerastase conditioner or hair masque or shampoo. The brand is brought to you by the people over at L'Oreal. This is their high-end product line, better quality ingredients and superior results than what you can buy at the drugstore.

Kerastase offers six lines depending on what you need for your particular hair type: Nutritive, Reflection, Dermo-Calm, Resistance, Specifique and Soleil. Mine type happens to be dry, damaged, color treated, thin and limp. I know! I'm blessed.

I was super excited to drench my hair in the healing powers of Kerastase. I have the NutriDefense rinse -off treatment, Creme Richesse for color treated hair and the Double Force hairspray for weakened hair. Because I'm a Jersey girl at heart, I like my hair big and stiff so this hairspray gets the job done without being sticky. I do not need to retouch my hair throughout the day, a few hearty blasts of the spray and my coif lasts throughout business meetings, lunches at the Polo Lounge and PR events.

The conditioners work well too. I use them in the shower, leave them on for about three minutes and my hair is instantly soft. I can get a wide tooth comb through my hair without snagging and pulling which is good since its falling out from heat styling every day. The product smells good, nothing overpowering or anything that will stay with you all day long and make you sneeze. I love the feeling of clean, soft hair. With stiff hard bangs! Just kidding.

I'm happy I got the chance to try these products. I recently overheard Kate Hudson talking about the Nutritive Masquintense and naturally I must try that now. Have you experienced this brand and what did you think?

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