Thursday, August 17, 2006

Classified Era Primer

Primer. How did I exist before? By wiping pressed powder all over my skin for a not- so -flattering chalky effect that’s how. But now companies are understanding that we need to prep our skin before foundation and mascara and eyeshadow. Fill in the pores, erase the wrinkles and smooth our skin. I like a flawless face, I don't want to see a single pore. Pores bother me. So does makeup sliding off my face before the day is through. I don't want to keep looking in store windows when I'm shopping or trying to see my reflection in a knife when I'm eating. I just want to know that my skin looks good and my makeup is still on.

If you are looking for an outstanding primer, then this is for you- Classified ERA Face primer. It is revolutionary.

Simply shake the aerosal can and spray on your face in a zig-zag pattern for a few seconds. Lightly dab your skin with a soft pad to set the product and absorb excess moisture. That’s all it takes to prime your skin for makeup application. My makeup lasted all day, the only touch up being on my lipgloss because I have a strange compulsion to apply it all day long.

This amazing primer was developed by makeup artist Yolanda Halston after years of research. She also developed an air brush foundation which I would like to get my little hands on. Who doesn’t want a flawless face? Classified products are used by almost every major celebrity in Hollywood as well as on the sets of television shows and movies and awards shows and events. Everyone is using it. Have you seen a celebrity with perfect skin? It's the ERA primer I bet.

For more information and to see a complete list of products, please go to the Classified website.


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