Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Faced

Starry Eyed liquid liner will give you more sparkle than Miss America's crown. Shine on baby! This liner contains teeny glitter particles that adds lots of drama to your peepers, trust me on this. I line my lashes with Lava Matte, then add a few dots of Starry Eyed for high impact and lots of dazzle.

The best part is that this product doesn't bother sensitive eyes. It stays put and will not run or drip. Starry Eyed will wash off easily too.

Label Whore eyeshadow is described as a metallic brown with blue iridescent. For this glamour girl, it's a swirly combination of sultry browns and mossy greens. People will look twice and wonder how you so successfully and beautifully combined these two colors while you bat your lashes like a true bombshell.

The consistancy is very light and powdery. I use a damp eyeliner brush to rim my lash line with this color, adding of course several layers of brown mascara.

Don't you hate caked, creased eyeshadow? Does it make you wipe your delicate lids with whatever is nearby? Panic no more, gorgeous girls. Too Faced has a solution with their base products, First Base - a shimmery foundation for color. Stroke it on with a finger then load up your lid with color.

Second Base
is matte with a soft, soothing consistancy that will erase any discolor around your eyes. If you stay up drinking martini's till dawn, pat Second Base on your lids and no one will ever know what you were up to!

These products contains no odor, are creamy, and come in a thin, handy compact.

Because you are a truly dazzling woman, you love glossy lips with a blinding shine! Nothing adds to self-confidence like a good product and one of my favorites is a juicy lipgloss. Fat Kiss boasts that it will add va-va-voom to your mouth with its ingredients of essential oils. A swipe across your lips will provide a pleasant tingle. I used Fat Daquiri which was a pale, almost clear, pink that gave shine to my naturally dark lips.

Fat Kiss has a pleasurable, almost cinnamon scent with no strong taste- yes I licked my lips while wearing it. My only problemo with this gloss was the roller ball got stuck and I had to pop it out and apply with a brush. Not a big deal! It will give you a high-shine and is not sticky or goopy. My lips looked very succulent if I say so myself.

A true beauty goddess loves her color. The Quickie Chronicles invites you to whip up a pinup- worthy face with different shades in one palette.

I have Fabulous Flirt featuring three eyeshadows (sparkly gray, frosty pink and a shimmery cream) a dusty pink blush and four shades of pink lipgloss. A brush for lips and an applicator is tucked inside the kit. What I like about this is that the eyeshadow and blush are not greasy, oily, or bright. I appreciate that.

Yes, I'm a gloss glutton. It's an addiction that I'm not willing to overcome. Diamond Gloss contains jojoba seed oil, violet extract and vitamin A to soften and enrich your lips and how can you turn that down?

The colors are light and sheer with tiny crystals adding depth to your mouth. The smell is coconut-ish, candy sweet. There is no taste or tingle to Diamond Gloss. It's not as thick in consistancy as Fat Kiss, I think this product is perfect for a casual day or to soften and add brilliance to a dark lipstick.

I didn't know a whole lot about Too Faced other than they make Lip Injection which is a remarkable product for bombshell lippage.

I skipped over to their site and perused the eyes, lips, face and kits pages and found a bunch of things I would love to put in my makeup case. Too Faced is a brand that is fun and flirty, heavy on the glamour. Along with that, Too Faced products are well made and do not irritate (my) sensitive skin. Check out the Foiled Makeup Bag, Liquifi-Eye Kit and the Flushed Blush- these have made their way onto my WishList.


Anonymous Angie said...

I am going to HAVE to buy that sparkle liner...oh and the mossy green/brown eyeshadow sounds gorgoeus. I have brown eyes, so I need something to make them POP!


5:36 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

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