Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Red lips never really go out of style. This fall expect to see more cherry lips as red lipstick is a must according to Elle magazine. Is there a perfect red out there, a color suitable to everyone? I fear instead of looking like Gwen Stefani (who is rumored to have given birth while wearing her signature crimson pout) I will end up looking like a Ringling Bros. clown.

I've yet to find the ideal shade but Lucy B. makes adorable pots of shiny glosses and their red is pretty outstanding.

Messy updos are the hairstyle of the season. I have trouble in the hairstyling arena. Instead of loose, sexy, bedhead curls, my coif appears to have been copied from Jon Bon Jovi circa the Slippery When Wet tour. Sadly, my locks confuse loose waves with kinky frizz. An updo is the perfect answer. I hate it when girls put their hair up and expose fifty haphazardly placed bobby pins. Messy indeed.

Heavy black smudged eyeliner. I have the perfect product for this effect: Too Faced Lava Matte. It's thick and soft and as black as the lava from the volcanic remains of Pompeii.

You dont have to actually do the drugs to get the heroin chic look. Kate Moss, I'm talking to you.

What mascara is she wearing? I want to know. Hopefully cosmetic companies will be jumping on the bandwagon and creating a wet looking, lengthening, volumizing mascara that makes your lashes look like the above photo. Spikey lashes are hot hot hot for fall. I've always loved the look of lots o' lashes and sit here wondering if its perfectly acceptable to wear some false lashes everyday to get this look. Why not?

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Anonymous Angie said...

I wear fake eyelashes sometimes, and it really makes your eyes POP. They are fun, why not?! Also, my mom had lash extensions put on, if you can dig it. They lasted a week, it was awesome.


11:46 PM  

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